Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Goes Around Template #2

I'm trying to get in to a routine of posting more freebies then just the monthly Blog Trains!  It's been difficult, but I think I'm getting in to a routine or some sort.  Lol  Anyway, I've moved all my freebies to my blog since Facebook did away with the "like" gating thing or whatever it was called. Haha ... Truthfully ... this is MUCH easier on me anyway, so I don't really mind the change much. :)

I'm working on my first template pack called "What Goes Around" .. I gave away the first in the series a few months ago on my Facebook fan page.  Here is template #2!!  I hope you enjoy!!

(Image is linked for easy downloading)

If you ever make a page using this template (or anything else I make), I'd LOVE to see the finished product!  I'm registered at a LOT of the scrapping forums/galleries, so just link me up to your page in the comments below and I'll hop on over to leave you some love. :)

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