Thursday, August 20, 2015

Soar to New Heights Alphas - REVEALED!!!

FINALLY!  I know, I know .. I should have had these released long ago .. I'm so sorry!  I started taking the Designer Mentoring Class at Scraps n Pieces 6 weeks ago and I've been dedicating all of my free time to that.  Plus, it's summer which means there is an extra kiddo home during the day, vacations, etc. etc. etc .. oh and my oldest broke his arm two weeks ago .. fun times!  Lol

At any rate, my quality checking has gotten a lot better, so I wanted to go back and double check all the alphas before I released them.  That has been done and they are ready to go!!

(image is linked for easy downloading)

I hope you enjoy these alphas, and if you're missing any parts of this bundle, just scroll down to the other blog posts and grab those as well.  :)

Just a few notes: On Monday, I will be releasing my kit that I made during the Designer Mentoring Class.  I'll post about it here, but you will need to go to the Scraps n Pieces gallery (link will be provided) to grab the download links.  I've also made a few coordinating packs that you will want to grab when they are posted (two weeks from Monday) ... here on my blog, on my Facebook page and in my newsletter, so don't forget to sign up for that if you're not already!!  I'm kicking the designing up a notch and have a whole schedule ready for the rest of the year.  Can't wait to get started!!

Thanks for stopping by today .. have a great weekend!!

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