Saturday, September 12, 2015

CT Call!!!

Hi everyone!! I hope this blog post finds you all well .. I kept meaning to get this out earlier in the week, and well .. life happened and this never did.  Lol  But, I'm getting it out now because I have some exciting news!  On October 1st I will officially be joining the Scraps n Pieces family as a designer!!  I'm beyond excited for this new chapter in my life. :)  Because of this new season, I'm currently having a CT Call!  You can find all the details you need here:

I've already got a few things through QC and ready to be worked with, so if you want the opportunity to work with my products for FREE, then please send me an email ASAP, so I can get you all set up. I should have a few more things done to be played with soon. :)

Also, in another week or so, I'll be taking all freebies down that are on the blog, so I can get everything packaged up to put in my new store.

Finally, make sure, if you aren't already, that you're signed up for my newsletter!  I'm working on a freebie schedule, but at the moment there will be one freebie/month.  It'll come out each week of the month, so if you miss it one week you still have a chance to grab it.  This will be starting in October when my shop opens.

That's it for this week .. I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and a fabulous week next week!  XOXO

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