Thursday, June 2, 2016

June BnP: Outdoor Adventures .. are HERE!!

Helloooooo!!  Welcome to another month ... I don't know about y'all, but I can NOT believe it's already June!  Phew this year is flying by ... I wish it would slow the heck down! A quick little update from my tiny corner of the world ... my youngest, Henry, graduated from Pre-K last week, so we now officially have another Kindergartner on our hands.  And, Jacob, my oldest, is .. still in school. Lol  Our school district doesn't start until after Labor Day AND we have a billion days off throughout the year for various REAL holidays, plus the made up "Student Holidays" (I don't know why they don't just call them "in service" days like they did when I was little -- which wasn't THAT long ago, lol), and of course they cancel school around here for the tiniest amount of snow.  My husband is from up north (Pittsburgh) .. that would NOT fly there!  Lol Anywho .. moving on to all the fun and excitement for this month.  This post will probably be a little long, so make sure you read all the way to the end. Up first ...

  Bits n Pieces

At first I wasn't too keen on the theme OR the color palette, but once I started working with it, I very quickly fell in love with both the colors and the theme!  I fell in love so much that I ended up putting together *7* packs!



 Now through June 7th, you can grab each pack for just $1 a piece.  After the 7th they will go in to the store as a whole collection.

  HZ_adventures_elements_prevHZ_adventures_grungysolids_p HZ_adventures_patterns_prev HZ_adventures_alphas_previe HZ_adventures_flairs_previe HZ_adventures_flowers_previ HZ_adventures_scatters_prev

My Creative Team had some fun playing with this collection ... check out what they came up with! 

From Amy:

From Annemarie:

From Becki:

From Kim:

From Heather:

Thanks girls!! <3
Next up ...

This month I'm hosting the Collab Challenge in the forum ... come check it out!  I really think you're going to loooove the Collab .. I helped with this one and it was so much fun to put together!!


My hunt for a few more Creative Team ladies is still on!  I've added a few to my team in the past couple of weeks, but there is still room for a few more, so don't be shy!  If you enjoy my designs and want to work with them for FREE, then drop me a line!


And, finally ... Heather Z. Scraps is now on Pinterest!!


I'm not completely set up yet, but ... almost. :) Come check it out!
And, that's it from me for this week ... I hope y'all have a great rest of your week and an even better weekend!

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